CC&C has been helping the largest companies get architecture right for almost 20 years

We provide training and advisory services to IT service providers and enterprise IT leaders.

Enterprise Architecture Transformation

IT Transformation

Business model disruption and digital transformation drive a ferocious demand for better skills and deeper insights. IT leaders must respond with new ways of working that include agile delivery of well-governed solutions. CC&C training and advisory services help IT service providers and enterprise IT leaders to succeed.

Enterprise Architecture Transformation

For almost 20 years CC&C has been a leader in helping EA leaders and teams build world-class skills and ways of working.

Our EA transformation clients have included Fortune 100 companies in Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. The starting point is usually:

  • Organisations that need to rationalise their Enterprise Architecture function but don’t know where to start
  • Organisations that need stronger EA capabilities to addresss disruptions such as mergers, rationalisation and digitization
  • Internal Architecture groups that need to combine strategic positioning of EA with quick wins

How Do We Do It?

A disciplined, agile Enterprise Architecture team is essential. How does this work? How can we organize to support successful outcomes?

As Zachman says: “bit by bit, to an excruciating level of detail.”

CC&C takes the best that each EA methodology and tool can offer, using artifacts selected from legacy systems, from vendor architectures, from your vertical industry and from global best practices in Enterprise Architecture implementation.

This input feeds CC&C’s proven 8-step methodology, augmented by ready-made templates, input/output checklists, business scenarios, and metrics, to enable strong, effective EA teams.

What is the Time to Self-Sufficiency?

Give a man a fish
We stay as long as your team needs us. For an average medium to large organisation, an EA start-up or transformation program takes about 100 days. Our goal is to be sure your team works well on it own, and knows how to deliver ongoing business value.

Our EA Transformation Capabilities

CC&C’s capability portfolio is based on technical knowledge, standards, experience, art and expertise:


Total Enterprise Architecture implementation services

Architecture layer implementation: Application / Information / Technology


Enterprise Architecture training, implementation workshops, mentoring


Selection and deployment of your architecture style and methodology

Selection of the architecture tools that fit your objectives and skills

One-off consultancy related to any Enterprise Architecture process

Specialised focus such as Mobile Architecture or Security Architecture

Linking between vertical and cross-industry architectural frameworks

Vetting architecture job candidates or providing contract services

How Do We Do It?

Open standards and open architectures enable vendor-neutral IT Transformation driven by business value. Our multi-level advisory services focus strongly on The Open Group’s new IT4IT™ Standard.

IT Transformation

  • At an enterprise IT Operating Model level, we use IT4IT™ and Business Architecture techniques to help IT leaders assess and improve full-lifecycle value delivery .
  • At the operational flow level, we use IT4IT™ and our experience of end-to-end IT management to help leaders enable agile flow, automate the DevOps tool chain, and understand the data flows needed for operational effectiveness.
  • Capability assessments and tool rationalsatin based on IT4IT™ have been proven to save up to 20 percent of IT tool-related direct costs, and bring strong indirect value by increasing velocity and uptime. We know how this works.

Our Clients

The Asian Development Bank is a regional development bank established on 19 December 1966, which is headquartered in the Ortigas Center located in the city of Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines.
QBE Insurance Group Limited is Australia's largest global insurer. It provides insurance services mainly to Australia, America, Europe and Asia Pacific region.QBE Insurance Group Limited is Australia's largest global insurer. It provides insurance services mainly to Australia, America, Europe and Asia Pacific region.